interior view of Greisch
interior view of Greisch
interior view of greisch
SageGlass Classic
Project Size
2540 ft² / 236 m²
Spring 2021
©Marc Detiffe

The Challenge

GREISCH, one of Europe’s leading engineering and architectural firms, started expanding its offices located in Liège in 2008. This work included building an enormous atrium and walkways to connect the old and new buildings.

Concerned about the level of comfort provided to its employees, an energy audit and a satisfaction survey were conducted by the office's energy unit. This survey highlighted no control of heat input, temperature differences between each floor and no control over glare on computer screens as key factors.


The Solution

After researching the market, the team in charge of the project chose the solution that best addressed these issues: replacing some of the roof windows with SageGlass electrochromic glass. This type of glass automatically and discreetly changes its degree of tint according to the sun’s energy and light input. It’s quick and easy to install and doesn’t apply too much weight to the building’s wood and steel structure. The 140 glass sections are managed by a smart control system that’s programmed by SageGlass, and follow different usage scenarios designed to meet the client’s specific needs. These scenarios can be reprogrammed as necessary. The glazing is controlled manually using the wall-mounted touch screen or via a tablet directly linked to the Building Management System (BMS). 


The Benefits

SageGlass smart glazing allows for a permanent supply of natural light and connects the inside with the outside world. It improves the thermal, visual and acoustic comfort of the building. Tinting the glass lowers energy bills because air conditioning doesn’t need to be used as often, while it also avoids incurring any maintenance costs. The glazing now controls heat input, which helps to eliminate temperature differences between the floors and reduce glare on computer screens. These benefits mean SageGlass glazing improves the well-being of employees, who report that they are satisfied with the outcome.

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