1K1 Exterior photos of SageGlass Harmony
1K1 Exterior photos of SageGlass Harmony
Keystone Property Group
Blackney Hayes
SageGlass Harmony w/Bright Silver
Project Size
15,209 ft² / 1412 m²
Fall 2022

How A Pennsylvania Office Building Is Using Modern Amenities To Attract Modern Tenants

The timeline for the much-anticipated return to office is ever-changing, but what does seem certain is that many workers have higher expectations for their office spaces, with safety, comfort and convenience at the top of their list of priorities. In response, many office buildings are investing in upgrades that focus on sustainability and amenities to improve tenants’ comfort and productivity while at work.

“Workers, and especially high-performance younger workers, are looking to join companies that present a culture and work environment that speaks to what they need today,” said Michael Lane, vice president of sales at SageGlass, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of high-tech dynamic glass. “The key here is to create the feeling of being in a destination and not just a location.”

Lane noted that one property taking such measures is Keystone Development & Investment’s 1K1 redevelopment in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Keystone’s goal for 1K1  is “to develop a high-performance building for high performers” by transforming an existing office building and by implementing features to align with tenants’ preferences. The building includes amenities that revolve around wellness and convenience as well as smart technology features, including dynamic glass manufactured by SageGlass. 

Tom Sklow, vice president of leasing and development at Keystone, said his firm’s goal has been to upgrade 1K1 to also align with today’s environmental, social and governance standards. This involves taking into account what tenants need to help them be more productive throughout the workday, while working to enhance their health and well-being.

“We want to create a live-work-play environment within the common areas of the office building and the outside wrap-around terrace,” Sklow said. “At Keystone, we’re focused on the creation and development of a robust amenity-based, trophy-class office building, so that tenants don’t have to get in their cars and leave the building for anything they need.”

Sklow said that some of the new amenities in the redevelopment include a four-story glass “jewel box” entrance; improved high-tech conferencing, meeting and events space; a café with a full-service kitchen offering breakfast, lunch and catering capabilities; a full-service 4,500-SF fitness center, which feature locker rooms and showers with towel service that employees can access within and outside of work hours; and an upgraded six-story parking garage.

Sklow said that smart buildings, such as 1K1, utilize technology in every facet of design and construction to lower operating costs and impact on the environment. By positioning technology as an integral part of the workplace experience, smart buildings help boost the health and well-being of their occupants. 

He added that a key addition to providing an unparalleled office environment at 1K1 is SageGlass’ 9-foot-tall, floor-to-ceiling smart dynamic glass. 1K1 is the first multi-tenant office building in the Philadelphia market to use smart glass technology within tenant spaces.  

Sklow said that each section of the glass uses a range of auto-sensing tint levels and SageGlass’ artificial intelligence capabilities. Each section also contains its own IP address, which anticipates the sun’s movement and adjusts in response to temperature levels, glare, cloud cover and daylight throughout the workday. Additionally, the sensors on the building’s roof allow the glass to adjust to the current weather patterns, while a smartphone app allows building management and tenants to adjust individual panes to reduce glare and maximize worker comfort.

“Because there is no need for blinds, offices will be saving on materials as well as installation costs,” Sklow said. “This reduces the building’s carbon footprint, operating expenses and energy usage, while increasing worker productivity and well-being.”

Lane added that eliminating the need for blinds also helps create a healthier work environment. 

“Blinds are huge magnets for dust and pathogens because they rarely, if ever, get cleaned, and when the HVAC system is turned on, it has the potential to blow the particles around,” Lane said. “Especially in the current state of the world, the less dust that is present in the building, the more attractive it is for tenants.”

Sklow said the combination of smart glass and the building’s other amenities at 1K1 have the aesthetic and functional elements that today’s tenants look for.

“The people who came into the building were just blown away with the specs of the glass, and what the glass will do for their operations,” Sklow said. “1K1 is being redeveloped into a market-leading iconic building, not only because of the design and architectural elements, but also for the benefits and performance specifications.”


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