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Middle Tennessee State University’s ‘Glass House’ Marks Largest Smart Window Installation in U.S. Higher Education

Interior view from MTSU through glass windows

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (October 17, 2022) - As Middle Tennessee State University celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Murphy Center throughout the 2022-2023 academic year, members of the campus community and visitors will immediately notice that the stunningly renovated facility now includes 33,000 square feet of SageGlass smart windows – the largest installation of dynamic glass in higher education in the United States. 

Known affectionately by Blue Raider sports fans as “The Glass House,” the iconic building is the home of MTSU’s men’s and women’s basketball programs and the university’s primary indoor facility for concerts, commencement ceremonies, and numerous other large events.

The facility boasts a significant upgrade with glass that automatically tints and clears based on the sun, “further enhancing the fan experience at one of the great venues in the region,” Director of Athletics Chris Massaro said. “The decision to use SageGlass smart windows was a no-brainer for the Murphy Center’s 50th anniversary and gives the building an incredible exterior facelift. The glass at the Glass House has made a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of our beloved building.”

Exterior of building with smart glass windows from left to right.

SageGlass smart windows block the sun on hot days and harness its heat on cool days, leading to energy savings and sustainability improvements, ensuring that the interior of the building is cool and comfortable for fans and student-athletes.

For MTSU, the decision to use SageGlass smart windows allowed the university to achieve two key goals: modernizing the historic facility for the 21st century and advancing sustainability in line with goal three of MTSU’s strategic plan, which calls for the university to be a leader in resourcefulness and efficiency. The busy facility, which hosts approximately 40 events each year in addition to daily practices and workouts, used to deal with significant glare and heat issues due to the large amount of glass incorporated into the building’s design.

“While the four-sided glass facade makes for a distinctive and eye-catching building, Murphy Center used to struggle with glare and temperature regulation and the university had to use curtains and motorized shades to manage sunlight,” said Mike Lane, Vice President of Sales for SageGlass. “SageGlass smart windows automatically tint and clear in response to the sun, creating a dynamic indoor environment that’s constantly optimized for visual and thermal comfort.” 

“Higher education has been one of the fastest growing segments for dynamic glass adoption,” added Lane. “Dynamic Glass was just added as an eligible technology to the Investment Tax Credit, which effectively lowers the cost premium significantly. New Direct Pay mechanisms will allow tax exempt entities, such as colleges and universities, to benefit from clean energy tax credits which historically they could not. We expect this development to further accelerate smart window adoption in higher education.”

Massaro said the improvements “allowed MTSU to both modernize and make the Murphy Center more viable for years to come!”





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